How to convince your colleagues of introducing NX CAM

This is how you succesfully take your colleagues and superiors along in the project

No matter what position you hold in the company, as an initiator of new ideas, updates or improvements, you are often faced with one and the same problem: colleagues and superiors who are deeply opposed to new ideas.

Especially if you already know or expect this reaction from the respective persons, you often avoid the conversation and the confrontation that goes along with it - by ignoring these persons in the process or by completely rejecting your own new idea because you fear that you will not be successful anyway. Both are tragic decisions that can lead to new problems and regressions all their own.

Instead, this challenge can be eliminated with two simple approaches:

  • Involving colleagues who are reluctant to change because of uncertainty or fear
  • Convincing decision-makers who are reluctant to change because of skepticism or because they do not see the long-term positive developments.

Taking colleagues' insecurity and fear seriously

Change in the workplace can be scary - especially when it comes to a system change, such as to NX CAM. Users in particular may be concerned that they will have to put in a lot of effort and extra work to ensure that they do not suffer any disadvantage from the change, or in the worst case scenario, that they will be replaced. The natural reaction to this fear is rejection.

It is important to take those resistance, worries and concerns of colleagues seriously.

In order to address possible uncertainties and concerns from the very beginning, all colleagues affected by the change of CAM system should be involved in the project from the very beginning.

A good service partner (such as JANUS Engineering AG) attaches great importance to the fact that all involved persons sit in the room at the NX CAM introduction kick-off and are allowed to express their concerns. In an open conversation, possible measures to solve the concerns, worries or potential problems can be discussed. Regular feedback sessions throughout the project ensure that these measures are reviewed and optimized.

A good implementation plan can also provide assurance: The prospect of regular training and education with broad time slots confirms to users that their knowledge and skills are being invested in, and that there is always an opportunity to expand their own skills.

There are many other arguments that can convince users - you can read more here in our Whitepaper The NX CAM Implementation Guide.

Skepticism among decision makers

Skepticism among decision makers

Change means effort - in terms of time, money and personnel. Decision-makers must therefore weigh up carefully whether a system change is worthwhile. It is therefore useful to have good arguments ready to convince decision-makers who may still be skeptical. Before the discussion, collect the advantages relevant to your production and quantify the benefits of the system changeover by means of a process analysis. Your existing production process will be examined and optimization possibilities regarding quality, time, costs and automation will be developed. Your service partner will support you in this process analysis. consider". 

You will find the best arguments for your colleagues and superiors in our whitepaper "NX CAM Introduction - How to proceed and what to consider"

The NX CAM Implementation Guide

Download now and start your implementation of NX CAM well prepared.

Download Whitepaper NX CAM Implementation

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