CAD benefits guide

In this white paper, you'll discover the importance of CAD in today's digitally transformed industries. You will learn about the major advantages of modern CAD software (such as Siemens NX CAD) over traditional design practices. You'll also understand why CAD software alone is not a viable end solution, and the importance of surrounding yourself with reliable partners to succeed.

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Learn more about:

  • The context and challenges of digitalization - An overview of CAD's place in the digital industry

  • CAD VS traditional design - 6 key themes that sum up the value of CAD today 

  • The importance of good support - CAD alone is not enough to meet today's challenges

  • Siemens NX & JANUS Engineering - The right technology and the right partner for long-term success

  • A reminder of the issues - 4 key themes representing the challenges facing CAD in the digital age

Is the whitepaper free of charge?

YES, the whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge. We are happy to share our knowledge with you. If you are looking for a NX CAM partner, we hope you will think of JANUS Engineering and contact us.

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