12 good reasons for NX CAM

The biggest advantages of the CAM-Software

Advantages of NX CAM

Choosing the right CAM software is critical for manufacturing companies. It has a major impact on quality, efficiency, cost, and also the ability to automate manufacturing. When a new CAM software is needed, NX CAM from Siemens is often an option. But how well does the system fit the company's specific requirements? And what are the benefits of NX CAM? In this blog article, we present 12 good reasons to choose NX CAM.

Set up your manufacturing for the future

  • Future-proof system from a well-known, reputable and experienced supplier

NX CAM is a solution from Siemens, market leader in the field of modern control elements for machine tools and their drives. Production managers can rely on the fact that NX CAM is based on well-founded expertise and will continue to be developed further in the future.

  • End-to-end process chain with NX software solutions

NX CAM is a first major step in automating an end-to-end process chain because Siemens NX links CAD development with CAM manufacturing, simulation testing and quality inspection.

  • Simplified, cross-departmental collaboration

The process consistency that Siemens NX enables facilitates cross-departmental collaboration from design to manufacturing to quality assurance. 

  • Potential for an optimized overall process

With an experienced NX CAM Solution Partner like JANUS Engineering, a comprehensive process analysis is offered during implementation. In this way, optimization potentials are identified and automation possibilities are shown. 

  • Connection with future-oriented technologies

NX CAM can be extended by modern, intelligent technologies (such as robotics, additive technologies, etc.) and thus be adapted to the individual requirements of each production. All technologies are directly integrated into NX and do not require a change of software.

Unleash potential in NC programming

  • High range of functions

With NX CAM, a wide range of tasks can be performed with just one system. Simple profile manufacturing up to multi-axis simultaneous machining, programming of multi-channel mill-turn machines, special cycles and manufacturer-specific machine configurations.

  • Programming the most complex NC machines

Sophisticated post processors and integrated NC code machine simulation allow even the most complex CNC machines to be controlled reliably.

  • Automation of recurring processes

Tedious repetitions and recurring workflows such as translation and control tasks can be identified and automated when NX CAM is implemented professionally. This saves you a lot of time.

  • Time savings in day-to-day business

Automating recurring workflows leaves more time for the important and more complex tasks. This increases output and ensures quality.

  • Always the latest functions available

Siemens NX provides comprehensive NX updates every six months, so new functions and enhancements can be integrated quickly. With the right NX CAM Solutions Partner (→ How to find the right service partner), users receive regular training (→ Tips for successful NX CAM trainings and qualification) and support on new functions and updates. This keeps the software, the processes and the value chain up to date.

Secure competitive advantages

  • Increase efficiency and save costs

The introduction of a new system is always associated with time, financial and personnel costs. In the long term, however, automation and optimizations can save both time and costs while increasing quality. Let your NX CAM Solutions partner calculate a sample ROI in the process analysis - this makes the increase in value quantifiable.

  • Shorter go-to-market times

Optimized and flexible processes through NX CAM ensure a shortened go-to-market time and thus also a decisive competitive advantage.

From process automation and optimization to improved product quality and increased cost efficiency, there are many good reasons to choose NX CAM.

Find out which steps you need to take (and which mistakes you should avoid) to benefit from these advantages in our whitepaper "NX CAM Introduction - How to proceed and what to consider".

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