Continuous process optimization in manufacturing

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Process Optimization with NX CAM

Sometimes you get the feeling that hardly any time has passed since the last process optimization, and yet you could be starting all over again. And that's actually how it is!

Gone are the days when manufacturing processes are established and followed through for years, even though they become impractical or even unnecessary. Fortunately! Because what was state of the art yesterday can be obsolete with the next product requirement or system update. All the better, then, if you have the opportunity to constantly develop yourself and your production.

And instead of being discouraged by the multitude of optimization possibilities and simply letting them pass you by, you can prepare for them early on, plan ahead, define your own requirements and take measures that will make the entire optimization process an everyday routine.

Because ideally, you start planning and taking measures for future optimizations already during the implementation of NX CAM. Together with your Siemens Solutions Partner (such as JANUS Engineering AG), you record in the implementation plan which aspects of process optimization are important to you and how you can achieve them in the future. But even after you have been using NX CAM for a while, you can address the issue and get even more out of your CAM software.

Continues process optimization
Continues process optimization helps you to get even more out of your CAM software

Discuss your needs and requirements in the following areas:

  • Automation of recurring work steps
  • Continuous increase of process safety
  • Regular process analyses to identify potential for improvement
  • Inclusion of module enhancements, updates and maintenance

On this basis, your service partner can suggest measures to make optimization preparation a habit in your production.

Practical example: Ask your colleagues in the production to write down repetitive, tedious, or annoying work processes. Discuss the list with your Siemens Solutions Partner. This may reveal automation potential that can be taken into account in the next process optimization.

So - regardless of whether your requirements have changed over time or some insights into your own production only emerge after the introduction of NX CAM: say goodbye to the idea of a static, unchangeable process and look forward to the many possibilities that process optimization brings!

We reveal more tips for continuous and sustainable process optimization with NX CAM as well as everything else you should know and consider when introducing NX CAM in our whitepaper.

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