The four biggest mistakes when implementing NX CAM

Avoid these roadblocks for a successful NX CAM adoption

NX CAM Implementation Mistakes

You are usually smarter in the end. Unless you benefit from the years of experience of others before the project even starts. Learn, how you can avoid the four biggest sources of mistakes that will slow down the successful implementation of your NX CAM system.

Too little time

1. Planning too little time

Time is money - this is especially true in manufacturing. However, long-term changes cannot be implemented in a hurry. At least not if the changeover is to bring lasting success. Time saved on careful planning or training repetitions usually has to be invested many times over afterwards. Let an experienced Siemens Solutions Partner (such as JANUS Engineering AG) advise you on the implementation plan and trust the time estimate.

2. Decide over the heads of others

When switching from one CAM system to another, all stakeholders should participate in the decision-making process from the beginning, be heard, and be allowed to communicate their concerns. At a kick-off, discuss requirements, concerns and desires and come to a joint decision as a team.

Deciding over the heads of others
Change over all machines at the same time

3. Change over all machines at the same time

In the case of a major system changeover, there may be a tendency on the planning side to want to change over all the machines at the same time - whether for reasons of time or money. Much to the disadvantage of the users, who have to learn all the new processes at the same time. Instead, it makes sense to convert one machine after the other. This gives users the opportunity to gradually familiarize themselves with the processes.

4. No cut during the system changeover

"It has to be done quickly today, so I'm using the old system again to save time!" Who does not know it? Especially in stressful phases, you "save" yourself in familiar processes because you feel safer there and have routine. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't stay with that one time - especially if you wait for less stressful times. In the worst case, so much time passes that you forget what you’ve learned from training and education on the new system.

No cut during the system changeover

If you avoid these four points when switching to a new CAM system, you will have already achieved a lot. Want to learn more about what it takes to make a successful transition to NX CAM?

Then take a look at our whitepaper, which explains in detail everything you need to consider.

The NX CAM Implementation Guide

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