Tips for flexible movement in virtual spaces in NX CAM

NX CAM QuickTip | Set rotation points in a flash and dialogs with one click

movement in virtual space in NX CAM

In this tutorial, we'll explain you how to reposition rotation points in large assemblies very quickly in order to get a better overview of the virtual space. In addition, we will explain a trick that allows you to easily hide dialogs and information windows to get a better overall view.

How to set rotation points:

Rotation Points in NX CAM

We often hear from our customers that moving around in a very large assembly within NX is difficult. For example, it can be very cumbersome if you only want to look at a specific area, but the whole machine is rotating along with it. This is because the rotation point is set for the whole assembly. In this case, it is helpful to reposition the rotation point and to define a new rotation reference.

A rotation point can be set quite flexibly in NX using the middle mouse button. Simply press the middle mouse button and wait a short moment (keep mouse button pressed!). The rotation point (blue dot) is automatically positioned at the point where you hold down the middle mouse button, e.g. on the clamped workpiece.

This point is the new rotation point of your view. Now when you move in virtual space and rotate the view, it will rotate around this point rather than the entire assembly.

Important: Hold down the middle mouse button during the entire process.

View with new rotation point in NX CAM.

If you want to permanently re-set a rotation point, then you can do this using the "Set Rotation Reference" function. To do this, click the right mouse button and select "Set Rotation Reference" in the window that appears. If you want to delete this point again, then simply right-click again and select "Delete Rotation Reference".

Hide dialogs and information windows for a better overview:

Disruptive Dialogs and Windows in NX CAM


During programming in NX, dialogs and information windows appear constantly, such as the information about the coordinates or, in our example, the information about drive curves. If you want to move something at a certain position, these windows are sometimes in the way. 

Instead of moving them, you can simply hide them. To do this, simply press the F3 button on the keyboard. Pressing it again will also close the corresponding dialog. You can also call up this information again by pressing the F3 button.

Press F3 key to hide windows and dialogs in NX CAM

We show you the two possibilities with an application example in the video:

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Quickly setting rotation points with the middle mouse button is very helpful for better orientation in large assemblies. Hiding dialogs and information windows with the F3 button can also be very useful to get more overview and free space during CAM programming.

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