Grooving with multiple tracking points

NX CAM QuickTip | Grooving with multiple tracking points

NX CAM QuickTip - Grooving with multiple tracking points

If you are preparing your turning parts with Siemens NX you might have to ask yourself how to make the system switch between two tracking points when making a grooving operation.

In this case, our turned part/workpiece is already clamped, and some operations are also in progress.

Heinrich Flaum explains in his video which operations he already started and how he activates both tracking points.

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To activate both tracking points, we first open the tool settings (Groove – click on Tool settings, Axis and CutCom). There we click on the select tracking button. With only one active tracking point, the main tracking point, we simply check the second box to see the secondary tracking point as well. Afterwards we confirm with Ok. We see directly that the toolpath will change a little bit in the profiling area.

In a next step we can change the behavior within the groove itself and how it is supposed to be profiled in profiling. Here we can set up to what percentage of the groove width it should travel before the tracking point switches. In addition, we can also set the overlap here.

As we have seen, it is very easy to groove with multiple tracking points in Siemens NX CAM with just a few adjustments in the settings.

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