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NX CAM QuickTip | Create customized Palettes

NX CAM QuickTip - Save Favorites in Palettes

Siemens NX offers numerous possibilities to individualize your own user interface. For example, you can create your own favorites and fill them with your preferred workpieces, clamping devices or programs.

Palettes in Siemens NX

The left toolbar in Siemens NX is also called palette and you know it mainly from the different navigators like part navigator or assembly navigator. But did you know that you can also create your own navigator there and fill it with your favorites?

Alexandra DeYoung shows you how it works in this video.

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First custom settings

In the first step we choose a navigator where there is no content yet. Usually this is the history navigator. We right-click in the empty field and click on ‘New Palette’. We will then immediately see that a new palette has been added to the navigator on the left-hand side.

Next, we right-click in the empty space again and then click on ‘Properties’. Here we can further customize the palette e.g. change the name (we change it here to Favorites) and set an icon image (the JANUS logo).

Fill Navigator with favorites

To now fill our palette with life, we again right click on the empty white area, hover over "New Entry" and select "Inferred". Here we now select the file paths to our workpieces, fixtures or CAM programs, etc.

We then see our selected parts already in NX, displayed with preview image and path.

With a right click on a part and "Edit" we can now rename our favorites.

We now have our frequently used parts conveniently stored in their own navigator, so we have our favorite parts at our fingertips with just two clicks. Thanks to Siemens NX, we are again saving a lot of time in programming.

Alexandra DeYoungAlexandra DeYoung
Junior CAX Consultant

Author of this Article

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