How to select Guiding Curves in NX CAM

NX CAM QuickTip | Selection of Guiding Curves - Quick and easy

Select Guiding Curves quick and easy

This QuickTip is once again about the efficient selection of surfaces. This time, we're looking at what are known as guiding curves. Thanks to our tutorial, you can save yourself a lot of clicks when selecting guiding curves in the future.

We would like to manufacture some parts of our example workpiece on five-axes. We have already created an operation in Siemens NX for this purpose, the Variable Axis Guiding Curves. The operation Guiding Curves makes it possible to create high quality five-axis milling operations by selecting only some geometries (surfaces and guiding curves).

If we click on our operation, we will see that the corresponding surfaces have already been selected and also the settings have already been edited.

For manufacturing, we now need to select the guiding curves on our workpiece. How can we select them quickly and easily? We use a little trick, so that we do not have to select each guiding curve individually.

To do this, we select 'Face Edges' in the quick selection menu above our workpiece. If we now click on one of the surfaces to be manufactured, NX automatically creates the guiding curves for us. This saves us having to select each individual guiding curve!

If we now click on the neighboring surfaces, NX automatically creates the guiding curves here as well. With a few clicks we have selected all the guiding curves.

→ Watch this QuickTip in our video.

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