Setting different stocks in NX CAM

NX CAM QuickTip | Using Multiple Stocks in the Same Operation

Setting different stocks in NX CAM

When roughing a workpiece, we might have to leave a stock on the workpiece in order to finish it later. At first glance, however, Siemens NX only allows us to define the same stock in one operation for all selected faces. But what do we do if we need different stocks on different surfaces of our workpiece and want to do it all in one operation? As we will show you in today's QuickTip, this is no problem in NX.

Assigning stocks in NX

In our example, we are currently manufacturing the wall faces of a workpiece.

We have already shown you how to quickly and easily select certain faces of a workpiece in our last Quicktip (→ see here).

Our challenge today is that we want to assign a stock individually for only a few of the selected faces of our workpiece. And we want to do it all in one operation.

To do this, we first go to "Custom Data" in the Cut Area under Geometry. Here we can now activate the checkbox "Stock" and define the stock. In our example, we set a stock of 1/8 inch.

However, in this way we can only set the exact same stock for all selected surfaces.

But if you want to assign a stock for only a part of the surfaces or assign a different stock for some surfaces, we will not get anywhere with this function.

Fortunately, Siemens NX offers a better solution.

→ How to set a stock individually

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Step by Step

Right-click on the 133 selected surfaces to open a context menu. We click on "Expand".

NX now lists each selected surface individually.


If you now select one of the surfaces in the list, you will always see the corresponding surface on your workpiece displayed in color. In the same way, you can click on a surface on your workpiece and NX will automatically jump to this line in the list of faces.

In the next step, select the surface on your workpiece for which you want to add an individual stock. Now you can check the Stock-Box - as shown above - and enter a stock.

This stock will now not be applied to all surfaces, but only to the selected surface.

If we take a closer look at our side walls, we see that we do not have a stock for some surfaces (left image).  However, on the desired surfaces (marked in green), a stock of 1/8 inch is now set (right image).


If we change the view settings in NX, we can make it easier to see the difference.

By the way: As a little bonus, Alex also shows you how to set this view in today's QuickTip.

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