Speed up your CSE Simulation in NX CAM

NX CAM QuickTip | How to improve and speed up your CSE Simulation

NX CAM QuickTip - Optimize your CSE Simulation

You want to start a CSE Simulation in Siemens NX and want to run this simulation as fast and efficient as possible? In our brand-new NX CAM QuickTip, we show you three different ways of how you can optimize your CSE Simulation in Siemens NX.

In our scenario, our workpiece is already programmed and we want to start the machine simulation in Siemens NX. With a click on "Simulate machine" the postprocessor starts and first creates the NC code we want to simulate.

Alternative 1: Set speed to maximum

The easiest way to increase the performance of our simulation in Siemens NX is to use the speed slider in the menu. In variant 1 we move this slider to the maximum. Then we start the simulation.

Result: Our simulation takes about 38 seconds.

Alternative 2: Set minimum simulation time

If we want to increase the speed of our simulation even more, we can go to the simulation settings. Click on "Simulation settings". A dialog window will open. Here click on "Advanced" on the left. Under "Min. simulation time" you can now enter an individual value. We change the value in our example from 0.01 to 0.5. If we then start the simulation, we will already notice from the graphical representation that it is only displayed in a reduced form.

Result: Our simulation now needs only about 18 seconds!

Alternative 3: Suppress simulation display

Now we have already reduced the simulation time by more than half! But we can optimize the simulation time in Siemens NX even further. We go to the simulation settings again. This time we go to the tab "Display". There, next to "Simulation Display", you can select "Suppress All" in the drop-down menu. We start the simulation again and see that now there is no graphical display of the simulation. But the result is very performant!

Result: Our simulation takes only 12 seconds!


Using a few simple simulation settings, we can significantly optimize the simulation time of our CSE simulation. In our example, we shorten the duration of the CSE simulation in Siemens NX from 38 seconds to just 12 seconds. With just a few clicks, we have made our CSE simulation much faster and more efficient.

→ Have a look at all three ways of improving the CSE simulation in our NX CAM QuickTip.

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