Optimize your CSE-Handling in NX CAM

NX CAM QuickTip | How to quickly check the NC-Code in CSE Simulation in Siemens NX.

Optimize your CSE Handling in NX CAM

Checking the NC code with the help of a CSE simulation is an important step before the workpiece is manufactured on the real machine. You want to focus on certain operations? So, what is the best way to move quickly within the simulation environment in Siemens NX during the verification? We've put together two tips for you in this tutorial that will make your CSE handling much easier in the future!

In our example, we’ve a finished programmed workpiece for which the CSE simulation is now pending.

The simulation has been started, the machine is ready, and we’ve activated the execution view so that we can keep an eye on the simulated NC text at any time.

We simulate the complete program, but we want to pay special attention to individual operations. For this we’ve two options.

1. Set a stop point with the help of the NC text search:

We start the simulation of the NC code at a constant speed. However, to verify our operation, we want to reduce the simulation speed to watch the process more closely. So that we don’t miss the start of the operation, the simulation should stop shortly before it. This is done by a stop point within the NC code.

So that we don’t have to search for the operation in the code for a long time, we simply use the NC text search. There we enter the name of the tool used by the operation as a search term to find the operation.

2. Simulation of individual operations by using machine code based simulation.

Another way to check an operation more accurately is to simulate it individually using the “Machine Code Based Simulation” feature. 

This is done by clicking on the operation and starting the "Machine code based simulation". This starts the postprocessor run for the selected operation. When the machine simulation is subsequently replayed, only this operation is simulated.

This is an easy way to move between operations within the simulation environment in NX.

So, in the future, if you just want to briefly look up something in individual operations, use the option to quickly jump to the simulation of the operation or use the NC text search and simplify your CSE handling.

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