Save blank material in Siemens NX CAM

NX CAM QuickTip | How to reduce your material usage thanks to NX

Best Fit of our Blank in NX CAM

It is a recurring question: how can I find out the best dimensions for the blank of my workpiece? The best dimensions are those in which only as much material is used as is absolutely necessary. How can Siemens NX support us with this? In this NX CAM QuickTip, you will learn how you can use Siemens NX to determine the ideal dimensions for the blank of your workpiece. And we will show you how you can save a lot of material with just a few clicks.

In Siemens NX, we can calculate the necessary stock blank automatically. But did you know that with NX we even have various possibilities to save even more material, cutting time and thus optimize our material consumption?

Heinrich Flaum shows you how it works in this video.

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Thanks to Siemens NX, we have saved 18 % of the initial blank volume!

Step by Step:

Display Bounding Block & Calculate Volume

In the "Blank Geometry" menu, we change the display to Bounding Block. Siemens NX now places a bounding block around our workpiece. Via the menu "Measure" we can figure out the volume of the body.

Optimization: Specify CSYS

We change the orientation of the bounding block from MCS to “Specify CSYS” in the "Blank Geometry" menu. Now we can flexibly move the orientation of the blank. This already saves us a lot of volume.

Best Fit - Optimization

In the measure menu we can select the Bounding Box Method "Best Fit" in the Measurement Preferences. With this setting, NX calculates he smallest most comprehensive body around our workpiece. This additional savings saves us a total of 18 % of the volume!

Save material, cutting time and costs thanks to Siemens NX

As we saw in this tutorial, Siemens NX does not only help us to calculate and display the dimensions of our required blank. With just a few clicks, Siemens NX enables us to optimize the blank calculation and thus save a lot of material. Therefore we can sustainably optimize our resource consumption and save costs.

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