Fixed and Variable Axis Guiding Curves in NX CAM

NX CAM Quicktip | Working with Guiding Curves

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In Siemens NX you can define guiding curves which the tool should follow during manufacturing. This is made possible in NX CAM by the operations "Variable Axis Guiding Curves" or "Fixed Guiding Curves". In this NX CAM Tutorial we will show you different ways with which you can manufacture surfaces even more efficiently and quickly with the help of guiding curves in NX CAM.


Follow one Guiding Curve

In our first example, we have specified one guiding curve on our manufacturing surface that we want our ball tool to follow away from the guide to the outside. The tool will sweep along the tool paths from the guiding curve to the outside of our surface.

NX CAM QuickTip-Guiding Curves-1

In our second example, we want to manufacture another surface of our workpiece and have again defined a guiding curve. Again, we want to move our tool away from this guiding curve to the outside of the guide. Our tool again follows the guiding curve. At the outer end of our workpiece, the tool simply continues the movement with an approach and retract motion.

Follow multiple Guiding Curves

NX CAM QuickTip-Guiding Curves-3

In our third example, we specify two guiding curves. In this operation, we zigzag with touchdown along the guide and from outside to inside. Siemens NX automatically detects that the tool would collide on top and swivels the tool out of the collision area.

Fixed Guiding Curves

Now let's try the Fixed Guiding Curves operation on a part that has several different shapes that we want to spiral using five guiding curves.

Again, this is no problem thanks to Siemens NX CAM. We get very accurate tool paths along the guiding curves across our entire manufacturing area. The tool paths adapt to the different guiding curves and change their shapes from, for example, star-shaped to circular towards the round center of our workpiece.

The movements are much finer thanks to the guiding curves.

Watch this QuickTip Step by Step in this NX CAM Tutorial

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