NX CAM Release 2406

What’s new in Siemens NX for Manufacturing?

Here is a short overview of the key updates.

3D Adaptive Roughing

The strategy for high-speed machining in NX CAM is now even more flexible, allowing the programmer to specify the tool path start location to predrilled locations to ensure safe tool engagement at high speeds.



The Holemaking operation has been upgraded to provide better management of non-cutting movements, both within and between features. Additionally, it includes enhanced local gouge checking for greater reliability and faster tool path calculation times. Moreover, the Transfer option utilizing Engage and Retract introduces improved control over toolpaths between cutting levels. This method replaces rapid motions with step-over types, ensuring controlled feedrates and safe transitions

Utilize the Relative Plane feature for optimized transfer motions between hole features within a pocket, prioritizing safety. Adjust distances with the Lowest Rotary setting to minimize gaps between hole features and nearby collision geometries. Enhance tool life, surface quality, and chip evacuation efficiency with the Chip Removal Option enabled.

The upgraded non-cutting move options in Hole/Boss Mill operations ensure precise control of toolpaths within machined features, leading to longer tool life, better swarf evacuation, and enhanced part quality. These improvements apply to operations like Hole Milling, Boss Milling, Thread Milling, Thread Boss Milling, and Groove Milling.

Cloud Connect Tool Manager

The Cloud Connect Tool Manager, an efficient tool for managing tools and machining data, has been significantly enhanced. It now features advanced data management, simplified tool holder creation, and direct access to catalogs from multiple tool manufacturers within the application.

One of the enhancements to the Cloud Connect Tool Manager includes an intuitive interface for managing multiple sets of machining data associated with tools. This allows users to easily define parameters such as workpiece material, cutting parameters, settings for helical engagement, and feed rates. Predefined tool machining data streamline CNC programming tasks.

Machine Powered Programming

An innovative feature transforming CNC programming by enabling real-time programming with a digital replica of the machine tool and its kinematics, offering a more efficient experience.

IPW Transfer

Programming complex jobs is now simpler with integrated machine capabilities enhancing intuition. This update improves simulation accuracy for operations like turning cut-off by accurately simulating segments that would realistically fall away, reducing false collision alerts and improving production efficiency and safety.

On-Machine Probing

NX CAM On-Machine Probing now features advanced capabilities that allow programmers to configure and capture parameters for optimized process optimization and the reuse of best practices.

The latest enhancements improve user workflow and increase programming speed. On-machine probing now automatically generates the tool path when a measurement cycle is selected or parameters are changed, eliminating manual effort. Additionally, tool path animation is now continuously accessible.

You can find more information about the new functions on the Siemens Blog: What’s new in NX for manufacturing (June 2024).

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