NX CAM Release 2306

The major new enhancements in the 2306 Release of NX for Manufacturing

NX Release Dovetail

Siemens Digital Industries Software has released a new version of NX. In NX 2306 you can expect new functions as well as many extensions and improvements. In the following you will find an overview of the most important innovations of NX Release 2306.

New features in NX CAM

Cloud Connect Tool Manager

The Cloud Connect Tool Manager is a graphic-based interface that allows you to efficiently manage tools and components in NX CAM. With web technology, users can also import tools from supplier databases. The user-friendly interface and graphical design simplify the programming flow for defining and editing tools and require fewer clicks than before. Users can quickly find exactly the tools they need and save valuable time and effort with dynamic tool previews and dimensions.

Optimizations in positioning parts and fixtures in the machine context

The new part and fixture positioning enhancements in the machine context allow CAM setups to be quickly and accurately positioned on the machine while improving usability and visibility. Users can dynamically move the setup and get a better view of the setup in the machine tool.

Dovetail Mill Tool

The Dovetail Mill Tool extension simplifies tool creation using industry naming terminology, allowing you to easily specify basic dovetail tool parameters. The following operation types are supported: Planar Mill, ZLevel, Undercut, Solid Profile, and 3-axis deburring.

Simplified Shank Creation

Simplified shank creation is now available to easily define shank data while displaying shanks more accurately. Complex multi-level shank definitions are now much easier to create because shank data can be extracted from 3D parts.

Extract Operation Cut Area

The Extract Operation Cut Area makes it easier to reuse selected geometry for other operations. Users can now extract the cut area selection from an operation and reuse it as a "Mill_Area" for subsequent operations.

Distance Measure with Pick on Path

When the tool path is displayed, this new feature makes it easy to measure the distance between two points on the tool path or between a point on the tool path and a geometric object. It also facilitates easy validation of measurements between a point on the tool path and the cutting tool, and between the cutting tool and a geometric object.

New features in NX CAM On-Machine Probing

NX CAM On-Machine Probing enables the seamless integration of measurement operations into existing CAM program structures. This allows users to measure, evaluate and compensate for process deviations during the machining process to improve quality and efficiency.

A simplified and intuitive way of working with a template function for measuring operations gives programmers easy access to the tools and functions they need to integrate measuring tasks into their manufacturing operations.

New features in Data and Process Management using Teamcenter

  • The integration of MRL support for PrimeTurning Tools from Sandvik has significantly improved manufacturing data and process management. CAM efficiency is maximized, cutting time is reduced by up to 50 %, and precise surface finish, good chip control and longer tool life are achieved. NX CAM users benefit from the seamless integration and advantages of PrimeTurning toolpath calculation.
  • Another new feature in manufacturing data and process management is NX CMM's enhanced device retrieval, which allows NX CMM to retrieve all necessary resources from the MRL library, including support for the holding system for mounting CMM devices and access to CMM accessories.

  • The consolidation of NX CAM and NX CMM libraries provides access to all manufacturing resources in the combined manufacturing application in NX CAM. With the combined application, users can now create toolpaths and perform inspection programming, resulting in a seamless and efficient workflow. It provides access to all necessary sources such as machines, equipment and tools.
  • The Active Workspace Manufacturing Workspace improves productivity by providing manufacturing users with a clear overview of the assignment. With a clear layout, it is easy to switch between different views and create manufacturing objects for different tasks. This optimizes productivity, saves time and enables focus on daily tasks.

You can find more information about the new functions on the Siemens Blog: What’s New in NX for Manufacturing (June 2023)

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