Activate the Dark Mode in Siemens NX

Siemens NX QuickTip | Set user interface to dark

Siemens NX Dark Mode

You probably already know the Dark Mode from your smartphone? 

To protect your eyes, you can switch the user interface from light to dark.  This is also possible in Siemens NX. We will show you how in this NX Tutorial.

Alexandra DeYoung shows you how to change the colors of the user interface in Siemens NX in this video.

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Settings for the user interface

First we open the user interface settings (Menu - Preferences - User Interface or CTRL+2).

Here you can set preferences for user interface layout, theme and presentation, as well as tools for journaling and macros.

For example, we can set the ribbon bar to narrow or create custom roles in NX.

Activate Dark Mode

Under "Theme" you will find the settings for the color scheme of the user interface. The choices are light, light gray, dark or classic. The dark user interface is much easier on the eyes and is therefore ideal for working with NX.

As we have seen, in Siemens NX it is extremely easy to change the user interface from light to dark. You can personalize your interface the way you like it with just a few clicks.

Alexandra DeYoungAlexandra DeYoung
Junior CAX Consultant

Author of this Article

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