Multi-axis roughing made easy

NX CAM QuickTip | Smart technique for roughing with five axis

Siemens NX QuickTip - 5-axis roughing

In this QuickTip, we introduce a clever technique to help you efficiently rough a geometry in five axes in Siemens NX?. You may have already noticed that it is not always possible to achieve the desired result immediately with an existing workpiece surface. In this NX Tutorial we will show you a simple solution to this problem:

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In this QuickTip, Heinrich Flaum presents an efficient method for 5-axis roughing.

Multi-Axis Roughing

We start with a workpiece for which we have already planned some surfaces in advance. Our focus is on the inner area where we want to use a five axes operation. To do this, you select the "Multi_Axis_Roughing" operation and define the drive floor surface under "Main". The tool paths now align with the selected surface. Since only one surface can be selected, choose one and calculate it. Upon examining the tool path, you will notice that it is not optimal. The solution is to create a continuous surface instead of many individual ones.

Continuous Surface

You create the continuous surface under "Application" -> "Modeling" and select the "Through Curves" option under the "Surfaces" tab. In the "Select curve" section, choose "Tangent Curves" and select the desired curve. Then select “Add New Section” and choose the opposite side. The result is a continuous surface. Then return to "Manufacturing".


One advantage is that the defined floor surface does not have to be part of the workpiece. So you can select and calculate the newly created surface. As a result, all tool paths now run as desired. This is confirmed in the machine simulation. 

With this trick, you can simplify a relatively complex five-axis roughing operation quickly and efficiently.

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