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NX CAM QuickTip | Improve your readability for using the Dark Mode

Siemens NX QuickTip - Dark Mode pt 2

In a previous QuickTip, we showed you how to easily enable Dark Mode in Siemens NX. Following that, we received several inquiries about how to adjust the font color to improve readability in Dark Mode. You can find instructions for this setting in this NX Tutorial.

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In this QuickTip, Heinrich Flaum shows you how to change the font in Siemens NX.

In our example, we have already activated Dark Mode. If you want to review how to do this, you can find the corresponding tutorial here. It is immediately noticeable that the fonts for operations and other elements are not optimally readable. To adjust this, click on ‘File’, then on ‘Utilities’ and finally on ‘User defaults’ at the top.

In this window, make sure you are in the "Manufacturing" section and click on "User Interface." Select the "Operation Navigator" tab to change the possible colors for the individual terms. To change a color, click on the color behind a term, select a different color, and confirm your selection with "OK."

To see your changes, simply restart Siemens NX.

With this trick, you can easily keep track of everything in Dark Mode without having to switch back to the light interface.

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