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Turn Milling from NX2212

We start the new year right away with a special QuickTip, which we shot in cooperation with the tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant and Siemens. We introduce you to a brand new function from NX Release 2212 in more detail: the operation Turn Milling. We took a close look at this new operation in Siemens NX and tested the new possibilities not only in NX but also directly on the machine. 

We were very pleased to receive a request from Siemens to present an important new function of NX Release 2212 in a QuickTip-Special. Sandvik Coromant provides ideal conditions for testing the new function directly on the machine at its Coromant Center in Renningen. In this QuickTip, we will show you what the new Turn Milling function can do and how it looks in Siemens NX and on the machine.

This is the new Turn Milling operation

Turn Milling is a new milling operation added to Siemens NX with NX Release 2212 that promises a new machining strategy for cylindrical and conical workpieces. Advanced settings, including axial and radial limits, engagement types and cutting sequences, help you create optimal toolpathes for your applications. You can program both roughing and finishing operations with many tool types. 

In contrast to the already well-known operation type "Rotary Roughing", which is aimed at very complex parts, Turn Milling focuses on the simplicity of the application for the user. Another feature added by Turn Milling is eccentric manufacturing. 

Take a look at the new possibilities of Turn Milling in our QuickTip!

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Manufacturing the outer surface

In the first step, we want to move our workpiece with a turning/milling operation on the outermost lateral surface. To do this, we right-click on the operation, then click Insert, and then click Operation. In the window "Create operation" we select "mill_rotary". Here you will find the new function Turn Milling in the first place. 

We have already selected the tools and confirm by clicking "Ok". In the dialog window we now make a few more settings, for example the geometry and the path settings. Under "Strategy" we also change the direction to "Negative" so that the tool moves along the tool from front to back.

Eccentric Manufacturing

Another new feature of the Turn Milling operation is eccentric manufacturing. Let's try this on our workpiece! As with the previous operation, we first select the new Turn Milling function again, change the tool, and then turn our attention to the advanced settings. We change the geometry to axially and enter the start and end distances. We also change the rotation axis to our individual values. Finally, we add the values defined by Sandvik under Path Settings.

Manufacturing the back recess

We now want to machine the back recess on our workpiece. Again, we select the Turn Milling function, change the tool and then turn our attention to the advanced settings. We change the geometry back to axially and enter the start and end distances. We also add the path settings according to our given data.

Turn Milling makes operations easier

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Herting from Sandvik Coromant as well as Thomas Feind from Siemens Digital Industries Software for these exclusive insights into the new function! Thanks also go to all the other participants who actively supported us on site at the Sandvik Coromant Center. 

As we have seen in this QuickTip, thanks to the new Turn Milling operation from NX Release 2212, it is much easier to create a roughing turning/milling operation according to the tool manufacturer's specifications. The new feature thus provides a valuable complement to the existing Rotary Roughing operation.

Would you like to get even more insight into the new function? Then feel free to watch the interview we conducted together with Michael Herting from Sandvik and Thomas Feind from Siemens.

Learn more about Turn Milling in our exklusive Interview !

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